Who is involved in the SchubertAppen team?






I’m so proud to present the team of SchubertAppen. We are not home yet but I see the end of the tunnel. Here is a short medley performed as follows:  Helena Ek : Ellens Dritter Gesang- Ave Maria,                  Maria Sjökvist:  Seligkeit,  Helena Ek : Gretchen am Spinnrade. Karin M Nilsson: piano in all three songs

It has been an exciting journey for better and for worse but now i know for sure we will get there.

An amazing group of betatesters will soon start their important task.

The rest of the team comes as follows:


Eternal gratitude to my husband Henrik Magnusson and our son Valle Magnusson for helping out with everything and being the best support ever.

Many thanks , ant yet not many enough,  to Alfredo Tamez for your help and support with everything.  Without you there would not be a SchubertAppen.

Special thanks to Robert Ornellas and Mary Angiolillo for help with English translations

Mobile app development

Chalmers Teknologkonsulter


Helena Ek

Maria Sjökvist

Recording studio for all songs

Nilento Studio

Recording studio for poetry

Jerry Sillah

 Poetry Readers

Lasse Carlsson, actor and musician

Giovanna Minnucci,Italian  teacher and musician

Meike Beyersdorff, German Teacher

John Ballard songwriter, musician and studioengineer

Elisa Sengpiel, 8 years old

Welmoed Bosveld, pianist and musicteacher


English translations and proofreading

Alfredo Tamez, MD, LBSW, RCE


Italian translations of poetry

Giorgia Turchi, musician.


Music History research

Ingela Tägil, University of Växjö and University of Bern


Score editing and  Icon photos

Markus Göransson (scores and photos)

Mats Börjesson


Graphic design, icons and logotype

Elin Andersson



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