Poetry in SchubertAppen




Poetry lovers! I am proud to present a medley from SchubertAppen with quotes  in different languages from the breathtaking poetry of Schuberts’ Lieder. Jerry Sillah at Studio Tuff has recorded all the poems and put together the medley. Please enjoy.

Elisa Sengpiel, 8 years old, reads from Seligkeit ; Ludwig Heinrich Christoph Hölty.

Welmoed Bosveld , pianist and musicteacher, reads from Frülingsglaube; Johann Ludwig Uhland

Lasse Carlsson, actor and musician, reads  from Gretchen am Spinnrade;  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Meike Beyersdorff, teacher and language consultant reads from Nachtstück; Johann Baptist Mayrhofer.

John Ballard, song-writer and music producer, reads from Ellens dritter Gesang-Ave Maria;  Sir Walter Scott.

Giovanna Minnucci, teacher and musician, reads from Du bist die Ruh; Friedrich Rückert. 

In SchubertAppen you will of course find the complete versions of the poems in the medley.


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